Sony XMN502 500W 2/1 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier




•Maximum Output Power: 500W
•Rated Output Power: 65W x 2 (at 4 ohms)
•Automated Thermal Control
•Cooling system with high efficieny for high power output
•High-quality component and structure for high sound quality


Channel Configuration: 2ch/1ch
Power Supply: MOSFET Power supply
Maximum Output Power: 150Wx2 (4ohm), 500Wx1 (4ohm-BTL), 210Wx2 (2ohm)
Rated Output Power: 65Wx2 (4ohm), 175Wx1(4ohm-BTL), 85Wx2 (2ohm)
Low Pass Filter / Slope: 80Hz / 18dB/oct
Frequency Response: 5-50k Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (1kHz): 0.05%
Line In: Input Sensitivity (V): 0.3-6
Gold Plated Connectors: Yes
Current Drain: 15A
Load Capability: Yes (2ohm)
Weight (kg): Approx. 1.5kg

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