Clarion Leads The World In Full Digital Sound

Clarion Digital Audio FDS New Product News

Full Digital Sound, or FDS, is a new system that provides a pure digital audio playback with connectivity options for a wide range of devices. To elaborate a bit more, Clarion’s FDS technology allows an audio signal to stay in it’s original digital form right up until it reaches the listener achieving extremely high levels of fidelity. Because the drive circuit is embedded into the speakers there is no need for an amplifier. This provides remarkable advantages in installation flexibility, weight savings and a 5-fold reduction in power consumption compared to conventional systems.

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Hertz Mille Pro Released

Hertz New Product News

The Mille line is enhanced with systems, coaxials and the PRO components, dedicated to the enthusiasts yearning for the authentic Hertz Mille listening experience.

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Gift cards now available online

Gift Cards New Product News

Need a gift idea for someone special? We now offer gift cards online, available from $50 to $500. These gift cards allow them to shop online right here at Sound Obsession.

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Clarion releases new Multimedia unit - VX506AU

Clarion New Product

Clarion Australia is proud to introduce the first of 3 new multimedia products, the Navigation Ready VX506AU.

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Polk Audio added to online store

New Product News Polk Audio

Polk has been in the audio game for over 25 years. From our earliest days, Polk has been all about providing the best audio solutions at the best prices.

Whether you're upgrading your car audio system or you want to rock out no matter where you are, Polk Audio has the products for you.

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