Clarion MF2 Marine Wi-Fi Remote Module With App Control



・Clarion Radio APP Remote Control
・16 Segment APP Display
・100-feet Operating Range
・Smart Phone Compatibility Apple iOS Only
・Requires free APP download from Apple iTunes Store
・App Compatibility: iPod® and iPhone®
・Meets or Exceeds ASTM B117 (Salt/Fog Exposure)
・Compatible with : CMD8, CMV1, CMD6, CMD7, CMS2, CMS1, M505, M502, M309, M303

The MF2: A revolutionary Model That Uses Wi-Fi

Using the MF2, you can connect every part of your boat with Wi-Fi. It's a revolutionary model that lets you remotely monitor and control your boat's status through marine applications that can be accessed directly from your iPod and iPhone.

Control It with An App on Your iPhone

By downloading an app onto your iPhone, you’ll be able to use your phone as a controller. Select radio stations, wirelessly play the music on your iPhone, and event adjust the volume of your audio system. It also displays song titles and artist names (2 lines, 10 characters per line).

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